We all encounter a variety of individuals, communities and families throughout life, and from them, we learn. We learn about ourselves, them, society and most importantly about life. For me, these individuals have shaped who I am and what I am about today.




Fearless and Independent

Each of my interactions with her leaves me more curious and intrigued by what goes on inside her brain. Her perception on life, from her approach to the highs and lows of life to her day-to-day social interactions, varies greatly from mine. She flips upside down everything I have ever thought I understood about life, and teaches me there are so many different ways to live it (though I am sure my structured approach tends to be the most effective). I am often bemused by things she does, but I have learned incredible life lessons through her, mostly that life is like a long video game. Each day has challenges to overcome to get to the next level, each individual may be a friend or foe, and it’s our job to navigate through it all and overcome the big bad monsters that might be flying through it. What’s most important is living each day to the fullest and enjoying each day – exploring, doing what we enjoy and not worrying about what anybody else thinks along the way. As she always says, the "world is our oyster."



Create Opportunities

I luckily come from a family with a traditional parental unit, happily married mother and father who have spent their entire adult life trying to “make it” in society purely to help others around them, be it their offspring (me and my brother) or those friends/family around them. They have more friends than what I thought was humanly possible and the biggest heart imaginable.

Both spent their entirely working career in public service, giving back to the community that gave them so much, and both have sacrificed personal gains for family and community gains. As an example, my mother put her professional career on a near permanent hold to raise children. My father took a steady, government position to create household stability through job security. Both have put their personal finances on hold to ensure my brother and I had the best education and chance for professional success in our adult lives. Ultimately, I have learned that everything I am capable of doing came because of sacrifices those before me made, and because they afforded me that opportunity.  I hope that everything I do today has the same effect, making the world a better place for somebody else.



Stay Grounded

Without realizing, I have spent my entire life following my brother’s footsteps.  I assume it’s because I grew up sharing a room with him, watching him interact with others, and learning from him. I went to the same schools as him, learned all about professional life from him and even personal life.

He has broke various cultural traditions, yet kept generations of families connected. Coming from a very traditional Indian family, this does not come easy. As my brother has found various professional and personal successes in life, the most telling lesson is how he sticks to his roots. He stays grounded, no matter the highs or the lows. Lesson to be learned for me is to never forget who you are and when all else fails, you can always draw from your roots.